7 Compelling (& Legal) Reasons for Needing a Fire Risk Assessment

Clients often tell us that having a fire risk assessment in place and keeping it up to date can often feel stressful and time consuming in addition to their core business

But all companies who employ more than five people are legally obliged to have a fire risk assessment. We can make the process stress-free and straightforward.

For many years we have been guiding businesses of all sizes through the process, keeping them safe, legal and informed.

Here are seven good reasons to ensure you have one too.

  1. It is a legal responsibility 

The Fire Safety Order (2005) says all businesses need to provide a suitable fire risk assessment. The law also requires fire risk assessments to be updated, particularly if there’s any reason to suspect it’s no longer valid.

This could mean a change in the layout of your premises if you have had any extensions or conversions. It could also relate to any technical or organisational measures or the way you and your employees carry out your work. It also applies to your staff, particularly those with a disability

  1. It reduces your chance of fire

A fire risk assessment means that professionals like us have identified any hazards and people at risk and have suggested ways to ensure they can get out of your building quickly and safely. We help you record your findings, prepare an emergency plan and therefore reduce the risk of a fire.

  1. It gives your staff confidence

Taking you fire risk assessment seriously and acting on its findings gives your staff confidence they are working in a property which is safe and for an employer who has their best interests at heart. Putting extra thought into how you will help the most vulnerable people you employ, or who utilise the space you manage, can save a lot of distress, anxiety and ultimately lives.

  1. It can save you money

For many of the businesses we have worked with, replacing entire smoke detection systems with new hasn’t been required. Our risk assessors will look at what is legally needed. We help our clients choose the fire safety system that’s right for them, rather than taking the ‘belt and braces’ approach and putting smoke detectors in places where there is minimal risk of fire.

With every fire risk assessment we provide a detailed overview of the current coverage of your fire system and what, if any, additional devices are required to ensure all the inhabitants can evacuate without being put at risk.

  1. It’s a great ‘call to action’

Every fire risk assessment has a call to action and outlines details about any issues found during the assessment. It also provides information and advice about what actions should be taken to improve safety and how you can do this. We provide a ‘risk rating’ and an ‘order of priorities’ for any improvements which need to be made, with timescales for when they ideally should be resolved.

  1. It will help your recruit fire wardens

Fire wardens play an essential role in any business because they help ensure you are prepared for an emergency. Asking individuals to be fire wardens is a great way of delegating responsibilities to key colleagues while also making them feel valued and important members of the team. But your fire wardens will no doubt want reassurances that the appropriate, strategic plans are in place for them to follow.

  1. We will help you keep it up to date

As a business owner, we know you lead a busy working life. We contact our clients every year to remind them about the need to review their fire risk assessment and to offer them free advice about any changes that may need to be made. Our clients tell us the polite reminder and advice we provide is really appreciated.

So there you have it – 7 compelling reasons for needing a Fire Risk Assessment! If you’re still unsure, or need help to get an up to date fire risk assessment done for your organisation, call us on 0843 658 1310 or email [email protected].