Your Fire Risk Assessment – It's the Start Not the End!

When I first started carrying out fire risk assessments early in my career, I would diligently write up the report and forward it to the customer as soon as I’d carried out my review – job done! But when carrying out annual reviews with the same clients, I soon started to see that some customers had at best filed the document away and at worst ignored it. They assumed that simply having a fire risk assessment “ticked the box” and that no further action was needed.

But receiving your fire risk assessment is just the start. It’s a way of informing you how safe, or unsafe, your premises are and what improvements are necessary to keep your employees and premises safe. It should be a blueprint to inspire further action. The result of your hard work implementing any safety measures is the reassurance that if the worst does happen and you experience a fire or major incident, there’s a well-thought out plan and arrangements to get everyone out of your building safely and quickly.

At Synergy Fire Engineering we discuss the findings of our fire risk assessments with clients to ensure they understand the document is the start of a process and not the end.

Every fire risk assessment has a call to action and outlines details about any issues found during the assessment. It also provides information and advice about what actions should be taken to improve safety and how you can do this. We provide a  ‘risk rating’ and an ‘order of priorities’ for any improvements which need to be made, with timescales for when they ideally should be resolved.

Understanding what’s required and planning how to complete these actions is the most important part of the process, making sure any immediate risks are dealt with and the site is safe.

If you’re unsure about how you can make the changes required following your fire risk assessment, contact us now on (0)843 658 1310 or email [email protected] and we’ll be sure to help.

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