How our personalised advice can keep your business safe

March signals the end of the financial year and a new start for many business owners looking to make positive changes.

Spring-time is the perfect opportunity to spruce-up your fire safety training as well as your books. After all, Spring signals a time for renewal and growth.

Why is it so important?

All companies who employ more than five people are legally obliged to have a Fire Risk Assessment.

If you don’t, you are basically risking the lives of your employees as well as the safety of your workplace and everything in it.

It also makes good business sense to have a robust and up to date Fire Risk Assessment – the Association of British Insurers reported that 60 per cent of private businesses never recover from a fire. In the long run it will save you money and give you peace of mind.

How can Synergy help?

Our team here at Synergy has more than twenty years’ experience in the fire and security sector, working in partnership with organisations of all shapes and sizes to ensure people are safe while they work.

From the smallest to the most complex of premises and businesses, we can work with your organisation on a wide range of tasks. We carry out fire risk assessments to the PAS79 format, which provides a clear action plan for what is needed to comply with the Fire Safety Order. We provide free fire safety advice for a year as well as all the necessary legal documentation and paperwork required to make you compliant.

We are proud to be BAFE SP205 Accredited Fire Risk Assessors and our Fire Warden training and Fire Awareness training has received great reviews from clients.

Our expert team work hard with individual businesses to really bring the need for fire safety to life. We’re passionate about keeping people safe at work and we hope that after our initial consultation, you will be too.

So how does it work?

* We understand the importance of using a personalised approach and we will visit you at work and assess how you and your employees use the premises.

* We talk about the likely fire risks and security hazards you may encounter, depending on the genre of your business and how to prevent them.

* We look at your existing fire alarm system and advise how it can potentially be improved.

* We will look at what fire extinguishers you have and provide additional Extinguisher Training on how to use them properly.

* We also scrutinise your fire evacuation plan and ensure you have proficient fire wardens trained and ready to act if a fire does occur. We will provide you with the advice you need to encourage your employees and customers to evacuate safely and quickly. Encouraging punters to abandon their pints in a pub or parents to leave their pushchairs in a play centre can be very tricky – we will teach you how to handle a fire incident confidently.

* We will work with you to carry out fire safety training with all your employees so they can support you too. We will ensure they are aware of their responsibilities in the event of a fire. For example, who should call the fire service? Who should seep the premises for remaining people? Whose responsibility is it to check the fire alarm system is operational?

But don’t just take our word for it, you can read some of our client testimonials here.

For more information about how we can help you, or to make an appointment for one of our team, to visit you, contact Matt at Synergy Fire Engineering on (0)843 658 1310 or email [email protected].

Matt Spivey is Managing Director of Synergy Fire Engineering, BAFE SP205 accredited Fire Risk Assessors. A member of the Institution of Fire Engineers, Matt is highly qualified and holds a BEng (Hons) in Fire Engineering. For more information about our fire safety training call Synergy Fire Engineering on 01629 828 881 or email [email protected].