How Synergy Fire Engineering saved a client from a £15,000 bill for unnecessary work

We visited a client recently who’s fire alarm system was definitely, shall we say, on it’s last legs. The client had duly contacted her current fire alarm service provider and had been told that they needed to replace the whole system including the cabling as soon as possible.

Fortunately, the client made the wise decision to obtain several quotes for the work and subsequently got in touch with us here at Synergy Fire Engineering.

As a reputable fire and security company, one of the first questions we always ask clients is “what category of fire alarm does your fire risk assessment say you require”. This is the point that (excuse the pun) alarm bells started ringing for the client as she realised she didn't have one.

Soon after, we visited the client and carried out a fire risk assessment, also providing her with a full design for the fire alarm and advice as to the type of system she needed. As part of our service we also carried out a conditional survey on the currently installed fire alarm resulting in a detailed report which found that the cable for the existing fire alarm was perfectly fine!

We were subsequently contracted to replace the fire alarm parts and install new detection equipment, saving the client a massive £15,000 on unnecessary work.

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