How to protect your workplace while you're away

Booking a summer holiday can be one of the highlights of the year. However, leaving your business premises unattended while you’re taking a well-earned break can be a worrying prospect.

You probably already take precautions at home to protect your personal property from fire while you are on holiday, from unplugging electrical items and checking your smoke alarms work. So why not extend those checks to workplace too? Once you’ve got into the habit of ticking off your fire safety checklist at work, it will give you peace of mind and the confidence to enjoy your holidays more easily.

Here are our top tips for keeping your workplace safe while you’re on holiday:

  1. If you have employees working on the premises while your away, make sure they have received fire safety training and know what to do in an emergency. Consider whether they need any extra protection to help them do their jobs properly and safely.
  1. If you run a business which completely shuts down during holiday periods, there may be an increased risk of arson. It’s worth hiring a security company, most of which offer patrol services, which involve security experts visiting your premises throughout the night. CCTV is the most common and cost effective deterrent in combating arson. Some CCTV systems can also be remotely monitored, allowing contact with a security call centre if any untoward activity is detected. This means the police can be contacted quickly. Installing security lighting is also a simple and effective deterrent as any arsonist won’t want to risk being seen. 

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  1. To help prevent a fire you should keep all combustible materials away from buildings, especially any escape routes which your employees may use in an emergency. Ensure foliage, trees and weeds are trimmed, particularly in summer, to prevent them being set alight or used to disguise any criminal activity. If you have large amounts of pallets or industrial waste, then split up where it’s stored to prevent the possibility of a larger fire if they ignite. You should also make sure any bins and skips are emptied. This will help prevent a fire spreading.  
  2. If you have contractors working on site during any holiday or shut-down periods, remember there is still a risk of fire, even if they’re not working inside your premises. You should make sure any contractors have the appropriate hot work permits for welding and grinding and they know how to deal with a fire if an incident should occur.
  1. Don’t forget to check your alarm systems are also in good working order before you go on holiday. This should include your smoke alarms as well as any security cameras and gates. Checking any security or fire safety signs are visible and the information about who to contact in an emergency is accurate is also advisable.

For help making sure your business is protected from fire, or for more information on anything fire and safety related, contact Matt Spivey at Synergy Fire Engineering on (0)843 658 1310 or email [email protected].

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