Maintain your fire safety resources, and save money!

October marked the change to Autumnal weather as well as the clocks going back one hour. The daylight-saving time swap may have been a regular part of our calendars for more than 100 years, but it's still one we easily forget to do, even when there is a promise of an extra hour's sleep!

Did you know that US inventor Benjamin Franklin came up with the concept of changing the clocks back and forth in Paris in 1784 as a way of saving money on costly candles by utilising natural daylight more effectively?

In the spirit of money saving innovation, at Synergy we always encourage our clients to test their smoke alarms and fire safety equipment when the clocks change. It's a useful, bi-annual way of reminding you and your colleagues about the importance of fire safety in the workplace and the need to ensure the equipment and resources which help keep you safe are working properly.

Make sure your equipment is helping you save money with our top tips:

1. Fire extinguishers can easily be damaged if they are not in the correct place.

There should be enough clearance around your fire extinguisher, so it can be located in an emergency. Your fire extinguisher training should include information about what signs there should be to alert colleagues to their location. And they should never be used as a door stop!

2. Portable electrical appliances and their associated cables can be a fire hazard if not checked properly for faults.

They must be PAT tested regularly and the results recorded to show you are compliant with health and safety regulations.

3. Check that smoke detectors haven’t been covered over by contractors or staff and that they are still functioning.

4. Fuse boards and fixed electrical wiring should be checked every five years at least to ensure they are safe.

5. Your fire exit doors should be checked weekly.

Especially in winter when they can they can become damp and warped. A new fire door and frame can be costly, so by checking they are working properly and repairing any minor issues you can potentially save a lot of money. It will also give you peace of mind that your colleagues have an appropriate escape route.

For more information about our Fire Risk Assessments and advice about keeping your workplace safe, contact Matt Spivey at Synergy Fire Engineering on (0)843 658 1310 or email [email protected].

Matt Spivey is Managing Director of Synergy Fire Engineering, the only BAFE SP205 accredited Fire Risk Assessors in Derbyshire. A member of the Institution of Fire Engineers, Matt is highly qualified and holds a BEng (Hons) in Fire Engineering.  For more information about our fire safety training call Synergy Fire Engineering on 01629 828 881 or email [email protected].

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