Fire Strategy

Fire Strategy

Maintaining a safe and secure workplace is paramount and ensuring that employees and assets are protected from potential fire hazards is a top priority.

That is where a well-crafted fire strategy comes into play – a proactive approach to fire safety that not only protects lives and property but also safeguards your organisation’s reputation.

A fire strategy is a technical document which sets the basis for the fire safety control measures from the design of a building. Working in partnership with the architects and builders, our fire safety consultants will analyse the site designs and make suggestions for the safety of the inhabitants.

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About Synergy

Fire Strategy

BAFE SP205 Accredited Fire Risk Assessors

Investing in a fire strategy isn’t just a wise choice; it’s a responsibility to your organisation and its stakeholders. By proactively addressing fire safety concerns from the get-go, you ensure that your workplace is protected, your team is safe, and your reputation remains intact.

With potential cost savings and compliance assurance, it’s a strategic decision that pays dividends in the long run. Don’t leave the safety of your workplace to chance – secure it with a robust fire strategy today.

Keeping safe needn’t be a worry – here’s how to do it with Synergy: 

We are BAFE SP205 Accredited Fire Risk Assessors

We carry out a thorough, non-intrusive physical inspection of your building(s)

We evaluate all the potential fire hazards in your workplace

We assess any likely fire incidents and potential consequences

We carry out a fire safety management review

We give you guidance on any practical improvements to be made 

Minimising Risk

Fire safety isn’t just about compliance; it’s about minimising risk. A tailored fire strategy goes beyond basic regulations, identifying specific fire hazards within your facility. By recognising these risks, you can take proactive measures to mitigate them, reducing the likelihood of fires and their potentially catastrophic consequences.

Regulatory Compliance

Laws and regulations surrounding fire safety are ever evolving, staying on top of these changes can be daunting. A comprehensive fire strategy not only ensures your organisation’s compliance but also keeps you ahead of the curve, minimising the chances of costly legal issues and penalties.

Cost Savings

Preventing fires is not only about protecting lives and assets but also about protecting your budget. Ensuring fire compliance prior to construction will avoid costly changes to get your building up to regulations after the project is complete.

Employee Safety

The most valuable asset in a business is it’s employees. A robust fire strategy prioritises their safety through clear evacuation procedures and the right safety equipment. 

Peace of Mind

Your peace of mind is priceless. Knowing that your workplace is equipped with a comprehensive fire strategy that allows you to focus on your core responsibilities without worrying about potential fire-related disasters.

What our clients said

I would definitely recommend Synergy Fire Engineering to others. We were able to get an appointment to suit us and, on the day, we received a professional and unquestionable assessment of our business property against fire risks which I can use and action with clear understanding. Synergy definitely know their stuff and are now a chosen supplier for fire compliance.

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