Passive Fire Protection Surveys

Passive Fire Protection Surveys

Passive fire protection refers to the components of a building or structure that slows or impedes the spread of the effects of fire or smoke.

It operates silently and unobtrusively, forming a critical line of defence that buys invaluable time in the event of a fire emergency.

Incorporating a passive fire protection survey into an overall fire safety strategy is a proactive step towards protecting lives, assets, and the integrity of your business.

While active fire protection measures are essential, passive fire protection is equally critical in containing and limiting the damage caused by a fire emergency. It’s not just a safety net; it’s a strong fortress against the devastating impact of fire.

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Passive Fire Protection Surveys

BAFE SP205 Accredited Fire Risk Assessors

Fire-Resistant Building Materials

The cornerstone of passive fire protection lies in using fire-resistant building materials. These materials, such as fire-rated doors, walls, and floors, are engineered to withstand high temperatures, preventing the rapid spread of flames and smoke. They compartmentalise fire, limiting its damage and ensuring safe evacuation routes for occupants.

This includes the sealing of gaps and openings in walls, ceilings, and floors. Fire-resistant sealants, intumescent strips, and fire-resistant putty are used to close off any breaches in the building’s structure, restricting the spread of smoke and fire. However, over the age of the building these items can be damaged by contractors or internal alterations which diminishes their usefulness in the event of a fire.

Keeping safe needn’t be a worry – here’s how to do it with Synergy: 

We are BAFE SP205 Accredited Fire Risk Assessors

We carry out a thorough, non-intrusive physical inspection of your building(s)

We evaluate all the potential fire hazards in your workplace

We assess any likely fire incidents and potential consequences

We carry out a fire safety management review

We give you guidance on any practical improvements to be made 

Regulatory Compliance

Regulatory bodies worldwide emphasise the importance of passive fire protection in building codes. Complying with these codes is not just a legal requirement but a commitment to the safety of all building occupants.

Emergency Evacuation

In a fire emergency, clear and safe evacuation routes are essential. Passive fire protection ensures that evacuation pathways are kept free from smoke and fire, allowing occupants to escape quickly and safely.

Peace of Mind

For health & safety managers and maintenance managers, peace of mind is priceless. Knowing that your facility is fortified with a reliable passive fire protection system grants you confidence in your ability to keep your workplace secure and your employees safe.

What our clients said

I would definitely recommend Synergy Fire Engineering to others. We were able to get an appointment to suit us and, on the day, we received a professional and unquestionable assessment of our business property against fire risks which I can use and action with clear understanding. Synergy definitely know their stuff and are now a chosen supplier for fire compliance.

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