Spring into action and review your fire risk assessment

If your fire risk assessment paperwork has been gathering dust in a drawer for the past year, maybe even longer, Spring is the perfect time to review and renew it. We Spring clean our homes and work desks, so why not our safety procedures too?

The Fire Safety Order requires fire risk assessments to be updated, particularly if there’s any reason to suspect it’s no longer valid.

This could mean a change in the layout of your premises if you have had any extensions or conversions. It could also relate to any technical or organisational measures or the way you and your employees carry out your work. It also applies to your staff, so you need to think about whether you have recruited more people in the last year, particularly those with a disability.

A fire risk assessment is also great way of investing in your premises. It will not only give you peace of mind that your colleagues and site are safe – it can also provide a more strategic and informed view of what you actually need to invest in to make it safe.

Most of our clients choose to review their fire safety procedures annually, which is a great idea. It shows they are committed to ensuring their colleagues and premises are safe both now and in the future.

We contact our clients every year to remind them about the need to review their fire risk assessment and to offer them free advice about any changes that may need to be made. Our clients tell us the polite reminder and advice we provide is really appreciated.

For example, you may have employed a new colleague in the past year who uses a wheelchair and the lift to get to their desk every day. But if there’s a fire drill and they are unable to use the lift, you need to put measures in place to ensure they can get out of the building quickly and safely.

Alternatively, you may have had some building work carried out to add a new office or corridor, often forgetting whether this constitutes a fire risk. The new layout could mean your escape route plans are no longer an option or old signs need to be updated.

So, dust off your fire risk assessment this Spring and make sure it’s got a clean bill of health! And if you’re still unsure about whether your fire risk assessment is up to scratch, simply contact us at Synergy Fire Engineering on (0)843 658 1310 or email [email protected]. We’d be delighted to help!

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