How to protect your business from fire this Autumn

After the glorious summer we’ve had in Britain there’s finally a chill in the air; the trees are putting on a splendid show and there’s even chatter about the festive season just around the corner.

Autumn is a beautiful time of year but with Halloween and Bonfire Night coming up, there are lots of potential fire hazards too.

With their ghoulish faces, Halloween pumpkin lanterns can be a lot of fun. Similarly, fireworks can be awe-inspiring and such a joy, but with naked candle flames, bonfires and potentially dangerous explosives – you can never be too careful. And while you might not necessarily be enjoying these Autumnal delights in the work place, there’s still the added risk of a fire spreading.

At Synergy Fire Engineering, we’re experts at carrying out fire risk assessments to help keep you safe from fire. You can also minimise the risk of a lantern, bonfire or stray firework causing a blaze by following our simple tips:

Secure your premises

Large, unsecured outdoor areas can be tempting for people looking for somewhere to set off fireworks or light a bonfire, especially if you have lots of industrial waste such as pallets and boxes which could be used to ignite it. To reduce the risk of this happening and for any fire to spread to your office buildings or vehicles, you need to ensure your site is secure.

Separate your waste

You should keep all combustible materials, such as cardboard boxes, packing materials and delivery pallets, away from your buildings, especially any escape routes which your employees may use in an emergency. Ensure trees, foliage and weeds are trimmed, particularly to prevent them being set alight.

Upgrade your lighting and CCTV

Installing extra lighting in the grounds of your workplace will deter anyone looking for a secluded spot to light a fire. CCTV is also a cost effective way of combating arson and deterring people from using your land inappropriately. Some CCTV systems can also be monitored remotely, allowing contact with a security call-centre if any untoward activity is detected. This means the police can be contacted quickly, hopefully preventing any damage.

Brief your fire wardens

Your fire wardens are one of your biggest assets so you need to empower them with the skills and insights needed to prevent a potentially dangerous and devastating fire. Encourage them to keep an extra close eye on your workplace during the Bonfire Night period and ensure their fire extinguisher training is up to date.

For more information about how to secure your business this Autumn, contact Matt Spivey at Synergy Fire Engineering on (0)843 658 1310 or email [email protected].

Matt Spivey is Managing Director of Synergy Fire Engineering, the only BAFE SP205 accredited Fire Risk Assessors in Derbyshire. A member of the Institution of Fire Engineers, Matt is highly qualified and holds a BEng (Hons) in Fire Engineering.  For more information about our fire safety training call Synergy Fire Engineering on 01629 828 881 or email [email protected].

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